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    Completion of 15Tx2 winch - Supply to Srepok Hydropower Plant4A

    2x15-ton winch, height 32 meters, used to close the damper gate of the Serepok hydropower plant4A

    In the first months of 2012, Nam Viet Engineering Co., Ltd continues to successfully manufacture the electric palantry system - (which is integrated from separate assembly clusters) - this is the 7th equipment set by the company successfully created. This equipment system will be provided to the strategic partner - Trung Nam Mechanical Joint Stock Company - CEMC for Serepok Hydropower Plant4A.

     Se Rê Pôk 4A hydropower plant in Buon Don district, Dac Lac district and Cu Jut district. The Srepok 4 Hydropower project has a total investment of VND1,737 billion, comprising two turbines with a capacity of 80 MW and will generate about 336 million kWh per year on the national grid. This project will take bioslurry directly from the discharge canal of SreR 4 hydropower plant. After that, the water will follow the canal about 13km long, which is dug through 3 communes: Ea Wer, Ea Huar, Krong Na (belonging to buffer zone of National Park - National Park) near Cu Minh Lake (Krong Na commune) - where the power plant will be located; From there, the water is discharged into the stream 19 (Ea Ma, Krong Na) flows to Sre Pôk river - about 20km from the receiving water.


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